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We began 2018 with another great month. The team placed 95,253 blocks and broke 46,436 blocks and spent a combined 91 hours online.

The Builder of the Month award went to Hotline_101 for placing 36,755 blocks.

The Terraformer of the Month award went to Nikradical for her work on major terraforming at Orthiad, gardening in Dras-Leona and working on mountain peaks in the Spine. Awesome work everyone!

Staff Changes

We're excited to announce the newest members of our terraforming team da_Paly and 80Active. Congratulations!

Sadly we also say goodbye to J_cob_G and Elyena this month. Thanks for all your help, and you will be missed!


Click here to view the spreadsheet for January

If you're interested, here's how many blocks each builder has placed since records began.

Staff team render created by NicFlix_. This one's getting a little outdated with all the new staff changes, so as always, if you want to create a new one and see your work on the next post, please feel free! :-)

Well, the vote was unanimous! Vanilla Survival is back! The Vanilla Survival Server was created through our understanding that not everyone wants to apply for builder or terraformer - some people just want somewhere to hang out with friends and other Inheritance Cycle fans until MCAlagaesia is released. If this sounds like you, the Vanilla Survival Server is the place to be!

This version of the MCAlagaesia Survival Server encourages working together as a community. We have no spawn yet - the community can build a town around spawn for trading, playing minigames, and anything else you can imagine.

We have excellent measures in place to mitigate griefing. If your build has been griefed or your items have been stolen, all you have to do is report it at The damage will be rolled back and items restored within a matter of hours, and the offender will be banned. We hope these measures will allow everyone to work together near spawn to create an awesome spawn town.

Full server rules (they're not very long) can be found at if you're interested.

A map of the survival server can be found at as well.

You can join the server through the Lobby with "/hub" or by typing "/server survival" on any server. We look forward to seeing you there!

The time has come to announce the winners of the Christmas Build Competition! As you know, this time, winners were decided by the number of positive votes (eg. likes) on the submission post.

1st Prize - 3,000 Store Tokens ($30 USD) - Nikradical
2nd Prize - 2,000 Store Tokens ($20 USD) - MrBeardM
3rd Prize - 1,000 Store Tokens ($10 USD) - Halgard

Congratulations to these winners! We hope you had an excellent Christmas and that you have a fantastic new year.