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Announcements and messages from the MCAlagaesia Team. For official news, see the homepage.
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By Hellomynameis99 Project Lead May 18, 17
Ask, debate, discuss and share ideas and opinions about our network. Scroll down for discussions relevant to individual gamemodes.

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By Azza007 Project Lead Jul 13, 17
Who unplugged the server?
If you need to report a game-breaking bug or exploit, please use the private technical support form under "contact".
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By Mythical_Oktopus Apprentice Jun 20, 17
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MCAlagaesia: Explore the world of Alagaesia in Minecraft. Share adventures with friends, wage wars with enemies, and shape the future of Alagaesia!
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By Arikage Jul 12, 17
Creative plot server and build submissions.
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By Garrett_ Wed at 11:04 pm
MCAlagaesia Skyblock Server
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By Chimzu Terraformer Jun 14, 17
MCAlagaesia Survival Server.
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By Azza007 Project Lead Jun 24, 17
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Discuss the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini
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By aceoftigers Artisan Feb 10, 17
General talk about Minecraft that doesn't really belong in any other section.

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By Shameful_Zebra Terraformer+ Thu at 12:12 am
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Talk about your pet fish or last night's dinner.

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By Hellomynameis99 Project Lead Jul 12, 17
Share your works of art here!
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By TorchwoodRC Grandmaster Feb 18, 17
The place for sharing your adventures, fantasies, dramas, comedies, legends, biographies, histories...

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By YSTee Master Jan 24, 17
Create stories and spin fantastic tales of your adventures.

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By DrMarshmallow Sat at 06:03 pm
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