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When you create a character in Arcaena, you'll be able to select a skin from a list of quality skins that we've curated just for the game.

During the development phase, we'd like to give you the opportunity to design one or more skins that will be available to choose!

If you'd love to contribute a skin to see your own work in the game, use one of the templates below.

Arcaena skins are slightly different from Minecraft skins. They're 128 pixels in width and height, whereas default Minecraft skins are 64 pixels in both dimensions.


Layout template and Steve example (Right click -> Save image as)

Use your favourite image editing software (e.g. Adobe Photoshop, Paint.NET, MS Paint).

Have fun working on your designs. Submissions will be made via the page. Submissions are currently disabled, however, we will notify you when you can submit your work.

Remember that submitting a skin is no guarantee that it will be used in the game. It should be of high quality and feature a medieval human, elf, dwarf or Urgal.

We're looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

It's official - the name of MCAlagaesia's MMORPG is Arcaena.

We've got a website here that tells you everything you'd want to know -

What Happens to MCAlagaesia?

Don't worry, MCAlagaesia isn't going anywhere! It will continue, but focus more on the Minecraft side of things.

MCAlagaesia will continue to host the staff build server, where the MCAlagaesia Project (the map of Alagaesia in Minecraft) is being built. We want Arcaena to have continual updates and improvements as we learn more about the towns and cities in Alagaesia in future books.

This means that MCAlagaesia will also continue to host the public build server, where new players can apply to become a builder or terraformer to help us keep working on the MCAlagaesia Project.

We will also keep the Survival server, for those Minecraft players in our community who aren't interested in applying.

The MCAlagaesia website will stay online with the existing forum for posterity and to continue serving as the public build submissions area.

The only thing that is different is that the game we're making isn't called "MCAlagaesia" and gets a website and forum all of its own.

If you have further questions, comments or concerns, you can always post them here on this news post, create a new thread on the forums, or leave them in the appropriate Discord channel on our Discord server.

We hope you're as excited as we are for the future of MCAlagaesia and Arcaena!

MMO Tour Screenshots




Doru Araeba


MCAlagaesia MMO Tour

The MCAlagaesia Build Team has been working on the final MCAlagaesia MMO map since 2015. So far, nobody but the dedicated team has seen the fantastic fantasy builds up close – until now.

We’re taking everyone on an in-game tour of some of our cities!

Tour Locations

Donating to support MCAlagaesia for this event allows you to choose one of the locations we visit on the tour.

The following locations are already on the tour itinerary thanks to other donors. If you choose the same location, you will be offered the chance to change it.

Currently on the tour itinerary:

  • Ellesmera
  • Dras-Leona
  • Galfni
  • Vroengard/Doru Araeba
  • Aberon

Support MCAlagaesia by choosing a location to tour here.

Time and Date

The event will run for at least 2 hours.

See a countdown to the event here.

For the time in your location, click here.

How to Join

Simply load up Minecraft version 1.13.2 and add "". Make sure that server resource packs are enabled - we use a custom resource pack called "Fairth", and some things may look a bit weird if you don't! :-)

If you've already added MCAlagaesia to your list of servers, you can make sure server resource packs are enabled by clicking "Edit".

Once you're in the lobby, you can walk through the MMO Tour portal, or run the command "/server event".

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I record or stream the tour?

A. Of course! We'd love if you could share it on our Discord server or Forums when you upload it so that others who could not attend can explore the cities as well.

Q. What time is that in insert place here?

A. The easiest way to find out is to visit this page.

Links for More Information

See a countdown to the event here.

For the time in your location, click here.

Support MCAlagaesia by choosing a location to tour here.