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Building Feinster City

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Chingom Retired
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Hello, Chingom here, bringing you my new collab work with Hotline. Here, we present you our first designs for the first homes of Feinster City. Here's what the project is and what we plan on doing.

City Description.

Feinster was an Imperial port city wedged between Edur Carthugavë, or the tailbone of the Spine, the Jiet river and what appeared to be a wide bay. Albriech, one of Horst's sons, was going to go there to work and many ships, such as the Albatross visited the port to trade. Feinster was governed by Lady Lorana and was besieged by the Varden at the end of Brisingr.

The keep of Feinster was tall and square and adorned with many towers. The roof was made of slate to prevent the castle from being set on fire. The city was surrounded by eighty-foot tall stone walls and a solid gate, which was guarded by wards. During the Siege of Feinster, Arya and Blödhgarm, along with the help of Eragon and Saphira, managed to open the gates from inside the city. Near the end of the siege, Eragon and Arya found three magicians attempting to turn a man into a Shade. Eragon and Arya, with Saphira's help, managed to kill two of the three, but the third succeeded in summoing several spirits which possessed the man and the Shade Varaug was born. Thankfully, with Eragon's help, Arya slew him before he could do any severe damage.

What we plan to do?

Me & Hotline plan on rebuilding the city of Feinster, along with its keep, homes, and other features including a massive wall and port. I believe we are onto something big here and I can't wait to get this project underway in MCA V.2.0 Map. I believe previously Hotline had started to build this city in V.1.0 with John, I hope John can come along and help us out as well.

Thanks for Watching! Here are the pictures below! What do you all think? Answer in the poll!
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The designs are very good.
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The designs are very bad.
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The designs could use some work. (If so, please comment what we should fix.)
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- Chingom, proud staff for MCA.
Posted May 3, 15 · OP
lubenqwe Retired
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[Update Log #1]

Recently, I was sitting in school during a two hour block doing nothing. And I decided to download the Minecraft PE Version. To my surprise. I came up with a pretty damn cool design in which, Feinster would look quite amazing. Therefore, I will be rebuilding this design on the Feinster Template: Located at /Warp FeinsterTemplate And Re-Create a poll in which I ask of you guys, which style looks better. The comparison being between the one posted before and the one that will be posted afterwards.

On another note. I have come up with a few decoration designs such as: Carts, Boats, Chandeliers, Furniture, Thrones, etc. And I will be adding them to the Feinster Template. If you wish to use any of these designs once added on there. Please add on to this threat where you used it, and if possible a screenshot for us to see what you've done with our creations. If you also edited one of our own decorations we would love to see a before/after picture. :)

I actually spent a while making a massive area for small things like chairs and wagons, its at /warp townprops, so use that please. the idea (i think) was pretty much what you've said, except its more for inspiration than WE copy+paste.
Posted May 25, 15
Arikage Builder
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Hey, I'm back again! Since I was involved with Feinster before it would be great if I could also take part in this remake of it. I have been doing quite a lot of interiors for Feinster (mainly the slums and inns though) but I can definitly help with the interioirs.

Nevermind, misread the date.
Posted Jan 21, 19 · Last edited Jan 21, 19 by Arikage
Hellomynameis99 Project Lead
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Well Feinster's almost finished, but it does need a bit more work. There's a few tasks left for it on
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Posted Feb 14, 19
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