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TorchwoodRC Grandmaster
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Hello people of MCA!

Hellomynameis99 and I have done some work making the awards scheme on the forums nice and fancy! This means there is more for you to do here on the forums. If you have any award ideas feel free to comment them, be aware the award plugin is somewhat basic so nothing to complicated (doesn't hurt to ask though).

There is a live list of the current ones added here.

Enjoy getting them all!

Posted Feb 2, 17 · OP
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Hellomynameis99 Project Lead
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Looks fantastic! I can't imagine a profile with all of these awards at once... I guess we'll see in 7 years when we start getting members into the 9 years club.

Our arty designer Kia_Wolf is also slowly but surely designing some new awards to go with the new website (Yes, I know it was released last year - things don't always work out as we planned!). Here's a sneak preview of one of the designs:

Halloween Award

I'm sure the website will look fantastic once they are live!
~ 99
Posted Mar 23, 18 · Last edited Mar 23, 18 by Hellomynam...
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