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Bought fly and didn't get it

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Chimzu Retired
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I requested to buy Fly for my friend TeslaGames_PvP now known as StormWarning_PvP. However, he never got fly and my money was taken away from my account. I hope you can fix It so he can fly.

Thank You!
Posted Jun 13, 17 · OP
Hellomynameis99 Project Lead
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Haha, nobody can say I didn't do it this time! :d

But in all seriousness, I only reply to a request once I've added the permission or given the spawner or set the warp or whatever.

It might possibly have something to do with the username change. I'll have to talk with the developers if it happens with anyone else.

Let me know if StormWarning_PvP is able to fly on his island! :-)
~ 99
Posted Jun 14, 17
Chimzu Retired
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Thank you very much, StormWarning_PvP is now able to fly
Posted Jun 14, 17 · OP
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