Over the last year we've tried a number of different gamemodes for our third server. From Survival to Skyblock to Factions, Azza and I feel we've drifted away from what we originally intended - a close-knit survival community where players can hang out with fellow MCAlagaesia fans and just play a game while they wait for the MCAlagaesia MMORPG to be released.

Those of you who participate in our Discord channel may have noticed us talking about going back to our vanilla survival roots by replacing the Factions server. However, to complicate things a bit, no sooner than we decided to remove Factions, people started playing on it again.


So, we'd like to hear from you guys through the poll (even though we might ignore it and switch back to Vanilla Survival anyway). Here's the reasons why:

  • A vanilla server requires less management than the factions server, freeing the executive staff to work on MCAlagaesia.
  • A vanilla server is more in-line with our original vision
  • There will be minor rewards for voting (one diamond per vote, for example)
  • We will be keeping the new referral system (although with a reward more balanced to vanilla survival)
  • There will be large rewards on Survival for submitting a plot on Public Build. A substantial reward for submitting a plot on the build server would encourage survival players to build a plot, and would encourage builders to use their rewards by playing on survival.
  • There will be no map resets (Unless 99 and Azza decided to replace Survival with Skyblock) (Just kidding, that won't happen) (Or will it?) (No, not really)
  • Building close to eachother in communities will be encouraged
  • Griefing and stealing is still not permitted. We will be running LogBlock as usual and can help resolve any instances of griefing and stealing - so there's no need to build far away!

So after evaluating that, don't forget to vote in the poll and ask any questions you have below.