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QUICK! Large plot of land next to spawn going fast! Buy it now

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Bakes32 Master
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The 47 by 107 plot of land near spawn is a prime location, something that contributes to the server or looks very, very good.
The current asking price for the plot of land is unknown and the price can be offered to Bakes32 who will decide (alongside the owners) if what you are proposing to build is fit to the standards that are required to make the purchase successful. The plot can be found at -154 69 and is the giant enclosed red area.

What you need to offer:
- A community focused build that is good for everyone.
- (And/Or) Something that looks very good to advertise the main ideas of both this and the other servers on the network.

When your offer is made, either to Bakes on discord, in a DM on the forum or in game it will be considered by both myself and the owners to see if it is a fair and reasonable offer. If the plot of land is claimed, but then is not used for a prolonged period of time by the payee, it will be claimed back by the server for others to purchase once again.

Please do not message Azza007 , Hellomynameis99 or anyone else about this due to the nature of this exchange. If you do message either of these two I am sure they will refer you to me.

Thank you very much,
Good luck in finding ideas and may the best offer get the plot.

Posted Jan 6, 19 · OP
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I'm Interested! I have a public project in my head... I Just need to finish up the design and solve some security issues.. But heres my idea :

I have this cool idea.. and ive been designing some designs in my singleplayer world... I wanna create an ATM where you can store your valuables/money in it... And you would get your own debit card and everything... Im still looking forward to solve some security issues... But the Design is about 89% done....
With the credit card... You will be able to go into a shop (If the shop supports atm's ofc) And pay with your debit card... Crazy huh? You would just need to have the required amount of diamonds/or whatever currency the shop is using, In your atm.
Posted Jan 12, 19
Bakes32 Master
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This is a very interesting idea that could definitely be implemented into this area! At the moment since no one else has directly messaged me with an idea so at the moment it's the top option.
I'll let you work further on the idea so you can perfect it and also give others the chance to submit an idea.

Good luck, these type of ideas are things we'd be very happy to accept!
Posted Jan 12, 19 · OP
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