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Volunteer as Writers?

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Hello, I joined the tour last night and I loved what I saw! The team has done an amazing job so far! I want to help, but my Minecraft buildings always look like square wooden boxes. So I thought I'd volunteer my own talents - writing. I currently write legal documents for a living, but I also have an embarrassing fourteen years of experience writing Harry Potter fanfiction. I also once wrote a really long Eragon fanfiction back when there was only one book (I was in the seventh grade!).

I'm willing to write anything: dialogue, histories, instructions, tutorials, excerpts from in-game books, etc. I'm going to reread the series to get reacquainted with the world, but if you need me, I'll be here! I can also offer samples if you need it.
Posted Jan 7, 19 · OP
_Teglik_ Terraformer
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Hello, silverfirelizard!

In the final release the game will surely contain lots of quests - that means lots of dialogues! If you are interested in helping us in that way, join our Discord server and contact our project leader, Hellomynameis99. You will get the answers way more quickly than here, in the forums. I hope it helped and welcome to MCAlagaesia! :)

- Teglik
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Posted Jan 13, 19 · Last edited Jan 13, 19 by _Teglik_
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I can do that as well! Thank you!
Posted Jan 14, 19 · OP
Hellomynameis99 Project Lead
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I know we've spoken about this on Discord, but I think some information should be posted here for posterity (especially since the older Discord messages get drowned out as new ones flood in).

I decided to read your latest work, "Toy Soldier". I felt it was very similar to Rowling's writing style and works well in parallel with existing canon. Many fan fiction stories overwrite some of the author's original ideas or introduce plot holes, however, yours did not. That's something we need to have in any writing done for MCAlagaesia

We will need some game content eventually! Of course, when concerning main characters it will need to stick closely with canon, however we could also have books, notes and diaries from unimportant characters we make up ourselves that could have a lot more freedom.

Tutorials are another major thing we'd need to do, however, I was thinking most if not all could be done by videos. Perhaps they can each have an accompanying article.

As for things that we can do right now, marketing media (such as all the descriptions on the Arcaena website, descriptions on server pages such as our PMC page and project information as well as YouTube video descriptions, social media posts and news articles on the website) could have adjustments or improvements.

Oh, perhaps you could also write the EULA for Arcaena. :p
~ 99
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