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Submitting a Interior Design Plot.

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Dragon Eggs:
I would like to help building MCAlagaesia as a interior designer.
The last few days I designed the inside of the building provided to me to show my skills.
Have I done well enough to convince you or do you want to see more?
My creative plot is;-24;15
Thanks, Hotfast (Hotfast)
Posted Jan 9, 19 · OP
Bakes32 Master
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Dragon Eggs:
Hey Hotfast!
I'd like to start off by mentioning the fact that this interior looks very good in the small space provided, it's a very good use of the limited room and mostly fits the style. Having said that though there are a couple problems that become apparent from further look.
First of all, the lights, although practical should be replaced by torches if it were to be implemented into the mmo server (They didn't have day/night sensors in houses of this size which would usually have been for a poorer person)
Secondly, while not horrible, the different wooden trapdoors that are used for the furniture seems a bit too colourful and should be at most two different, especially with such a bright wood as acacia it seems slightly out of place.

This all being said, it'll all come to you in time and this is an extremely good start at interiors. If possible, I'd personally like to see how you manage larger areas of space and perhaps even different classes of wealth's interiors (Poor, middle and rich). To do this you can easily copy a house already provided by the server on the interior plot or you can just simply make a box in varied size, it'd be really interesting to see how you'd manage different sizes as tight spaces tend to be easier to design. At the moment there a couple builds on the mmo that need large scale interiors finished and it'd be great to see some new help with them.

So, just to sum this post up, try to avoid using redstone in houses and make sure everything fits in with the style and doesn't seem out of place. I also ask for you to build varying sized interiors (large, medium small) with styles that follow wage classes (poor, middle and rich) and follow the three main races of the Alagaesian world (Humans, dwarves and elves) and if possible even some abandoned interiors would be great to see.

This is a great plot and with some more work on fleshing out the styles that are needed I reckon you'll be on the team in no time (Although that is up to 99)

Have a great day and good luck.
Posted Jan 9, 19
Dragon Eggs:
Thank you,

I really appreciate the comments as I am a little newer to the interior designing but I wanted to try it as it would help with the server.

I will take your advice and try a few larger interiors as well as different classes and races, and will also keep the red stone out of the build as with the bright wood in a more dark wooded area.

This means a lot to me that you took the time to review my work so far and I will definitely work a lot harder on my next few buildings!

Posted Jan 9, 19 · OP
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