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Resolved Not able to delete plots on Public Build Server

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Dragon Eggs:
I was trying to delete 2 plots, one of mine and one of my alt Adelcolone to the south of my plot to merge them and us it as my survival testing plot.

When I try to delete it, it gets to the 'Would you like to delete this plot it cannot be undone' message, though when you type /plot confirm nothing happens, not even a response message.
When I try to run /plot delete again, it gives me the 'Would you like to delete this plot it cannot be undone' message, but when I type /plot confirm it gives me the 'A setblock timer has been set to either the current plot or you' message.
I have not run any other commands on my plot, and to prove that it was not just my plot I claimed a nearby plot, ran the /plot delete command and got the same result.
I have tried with my ALT and have the same result.
II have tried yesterday and the day before and have obtained the same results.

Coords and Plot ID:

My plot that I wanted to delete from the beginning:
Coordinates: 1038.98 65.00 1497.92 Plot id: world;15;22

The plot in my Alt's name:
Coordinates: 1035.32 65.00 1571.69 Plot id: world;15;23

Random plot I claimed to see if it was my plot that would not delete:
Coordinates: 1169.36 65.00 1709.17 Plot id: world;17;25
Posted Sat at 02:55 am · OP · Last edited 17 hours ago
Hellomynameis99 Project Lead
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Dragon Eggs:
I have just deleted plot 15;22.

Can you try deleting the other ones and let me know if this is fixed for you as well?

~ 99
Posted Tue at 05:47 pm
Dragon Eggs:
I have managed to delete the plot, on also my alt, and I have merged the plots.

¬ Angelone

Edit: I have removed the 'unresolved' tag.
Posted 17 hours ago · OP · Last edited 17 hours ago
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