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Happy Halloween from the MCAlagaesia Team!

TorchwoodRC Grandmaster My scare crow D:
Kia_Wolf Artist lol that looks great!!! x3 happy Halloween to you guys to lol
Managoty Retired I'm just curios how they got that pic. It's really cool

Update: Both servers have been restored and are running smoothly!

Update: The most recent backup we have of the MMO server is from 7 days ago. This backup will be restored, so any work done in this time (and as I understand it, not much work has happened recently so it shouldn't be a problem) will be reverted.

Hey MCAlagaesians!

Recently a rouge staff member went on a rampage and griefed both the MMO server and the public build server.

This news post has been published to let you know of the following:

  • The public build server has been rolled back 1 day, so any recent changes you have made on your plots may have been removed. Fortunately, as the backup is very recent, the damage should be extremely minor.

  • The MMO server, which had extensive damage, is currently offline. Backups on this server are less frequent (weekly, not daily like the public server) as the file size is far larger (over 12 gigabytes!). The server is likely to be offline for the next couple of days, however we should have a recent backup restored very soon!

  • Rest assured that the staff member has been banned from all MCAlagaesia servers and stripped of all ranks. The executive team are utterly disgusted with the behaviour.

While you wait for the server to come online, we have a video for you to watch! :-)

I wouldn't usually do this, but as we are so disgusted, yes, will name and shame.
Old account:

New alternate account:

UUIDs: 78262dbb-74b6-41c8-8580-ee1a3ca3a9d01d2d98ce4f2a4657afc69935a50291c6

It is our hope that this user does not become staff on any other server. The grief was absolutely sickening and the user had no provocation.

If you do happen to see this user in a position of power on any server, kindly tell the owner to keep frequent backups.

For Search Engines to pick up this post on a search for this user's name:

NameTime of Change
17/6/2016, 7:15:51 AM (UTC+11)
23/12/2015, 9:45:19 AM (UTC+11)
shadowsteps77 (Original)
LordBloodAxe Retired I am sickened. Shadow should be banned for all eternity
Oliver_Fire The music should have been the Ha He Ha Ha. That cheesy super intense music
ArcWraith Retired I just started my new plot.........and now I have to do it again

The team continue building the Surdan city of Petrøvya.

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