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The Year In Review

2015: What a year!

Throughout the year, we've said sad goodbyes to many good builders:

Casper301, Chingom, Dillcat, Franobrine, HomeFrog, lubenqwe, RyanDerpington, Skoliro, ZaiKai, _WaffleMonster_

We were also sad to see the actions of two members of staff result in a permanent ban from our services.
Thank you for taking a chance witht his project. We're sorry that it wasn't for you, and we wish you all the best with your future endeavours!

We were also extremely happy and excited to welcome many new builders to the team. Congratulations again!
Many locations on MCAlagaesia are nearing completion thanks to the help of the expanded team. Thanks for your hard work over the last year!

This year, we became social: We began posting regular updates on the site, Twitter and regular videos on YouTube. 2015 was also the year that the Inheritance Cycle fansite,, wrote the first article about MCAlagaesia, throwing us into the public eye like never before. We're looking forward to providing content for future articles at shared some fun statistics with us: The article had over 8,000 views and is one of the more popular articles to date. The discussion was also huge, with almost 60 comments on the article! If you haven't checked it out already, go take a look.
Clearly there's an audience for this content!

We're very excited for what 2016 will bring. We're hoping that, with a bit of hard work and dedication, 2016 will be the year we have been waiting for.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Staff Newsletter - December 2015

Staff statistics are recorded and released each month, however as we strive to be open with our community, we've decided to share them with you too.
Each month, we will release a staff newsletter outlining the statistics and any changes to the staff team.

Productivity statistics for this month are complete. To see the statistics, click here!

Congratulations again to Hotline_101, who took out top place for the second time in a row after destroying 19115 and placing 35317 blocks to reach an overall score of 54432.

Congratulations to DJMarshdog who used their time online most effectively, placing 6654 and destroying 2764 blocks in just 1.45 hours to reach an efficiency score of 6495.

A huge welcome to bakes32, congratulations on becoming part of the MCAlagaesia Team!
Welcome back to 120Ben - It's good to see you back!
We're also very, very happy to announce that no builders retired this month.

Together, the team placed 147356 blocks, destroyed 70267 blocks and spent over 142 hours online.

We've long prided ourselves on the building tutorials that we provide on our public server. However, for some time, there have been no updates and additions.

That's why I spent yesterday creating a new feature for the MCAlagaesia public build server: Tutorial Teleports!

Now it is many, many times easier for not only you to warp to a tutorial, but also many times easier for us to set up new tutorials for you!

Simply use the command "/tutorial" for a list of tutorials, and then type "/tutorial {name}" to instantly teleport to the start of the tutorial.

We currently have 4 tutorials on creating realistic trees and natural paths, ideas and tips for interior design and using player heads as microblocks to add detail. We also have many more tutorials planned!

If you're interested in making a tutorial for this new feature, comment below. We'd love to see it!

fredo747 Master 99, in the interior-detail plot, it tells you how to get lit furnaces. However, the furnaces don't stay lit :/ I te...
TheNecromancer13 Retired I'll do a tutorial on trees and 2 more on detailing and hidden lighting like I've done in the catacombs. I won...
ArcWraith Retired Tutorial: Adding depth, one of the biggest things holding back some trial builders is a lack of depth, and its one of th...

Edit 27/12/2015 10PM

Removed 3 plots that were unfortunately causing issues. Remember not to go overboard with lag-inducing items such as item frames, banners, armour stands and the like. If you do this, we may have to remove your plot.

Edit 27/12/2015 1:46AM

Yep, I jinxed it. The server will be out of action for a few days while we work out what's wrong and attempt to fix it. We'll try to keep the downtime minimal.

Original Post, 26/12/2015 at about 1AM

I'm writing this at 1am, so don't expect a speech. If a speech is what you want, check out our recent birthday speech at

As many of you may have noticed, the public build server has been unstable for the past week, and we have had considerable downtime over this period.

Since Christmas Eve, Web Developer Azza007 and I have been working on rebuilding the supporting systems of the public build server from the ground up. We took this chance to update BanManager to the latest version (finally!) as well as streamline our permissions system (finally!). A number of other plugins received updates, and some plugins that were less frequently used have been removed. So far, the updated server seems extremely stable.

Aaand I've probably jinxed that.

If you notice any issues at all, please post in our technical support forum, or for issues that could potentially be exploited, fire us a support ticket at

That's our Christmas present to you. Thanks for sticking with us for another year!

PS: Don't forget to build a Christmas tree on our public server! Have fun!

fredo747 Master Who did the plots belong too?