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MCProHosting is currently in the process of upgrading their entire network to new E5-2630v3 CPUs and new-generation DDR4 RAM.

Expect some server downtime, but after that, you'll get an even better Minecraft server experience!

If you want to check out MCProHosting and support MCAlagaesia, visit! :-)

sloane! Dance Dance Revolution 4 Ram!!! wow
TheNecromancer13 Retired It's so BEAUTIFUL!

Update 27/05/2015 at 9:36 PM:

Hellomynameis99 and I were messing around with the server and managed to restore it to a ''restore point''. This is a good thing because by the look of it the ''Restore point'' is only a few weeks old (we think).

If you can't access your plot it's because Hellomynameis99 has protected it. Visit to get it back.


Hello MCAlagaesia members,

As I said in my previous post, the build server got hacked and a few people (who probably had no life) destroyed all the plots. We as a team have been working all day to get the server back to where it is now, however the only backup we used was a bit old, so some of the plots may/have been rolled back. We're very sorry about this, however Hellomynameis99 is experimenting with the destroyed world to see if he can get anything back. If he is successful, the old world will be updated, meaning additions to plots between now and then will be destroyed.

We have also put some time into ensuring this doesn't happen again. The changes we made include...

  • More frequent server backups!
  • Installed a new anti-cheat plugin!
  • Updated Spigot to 1.8.5!
  • Updated random server plugins!
  • Removed random plugins with possible exploits!

We also took this time to switch to a newer plot management plugin, with a wide range of new features. If you do happen to find an issue with this plugin please report the error. Of course, if the issue you are reporting is a possible exploit that could cause something like this to happen again, we would prefer you use the technical support form rather than the public support forum.

MCA Spawn

Happy Building!


The MCAlagaesia Team


If you would like to see what happened to the server click here!

lubenqwe Retired How long was the server out for? i dont go on for THREE DAYS and the whole world explodes?
Managoty Retired Aww, but we where having fun on the survival world. xD But seriously, thanks for getting the server back up.
Frannn17 Retired I can't get a plot. BTW Hi I'm Franobrine


So as some of you may know, the build server has been hacked. We are going to be fixing this but for this to happen the server needs to go offline, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Managoty Retired It's fun, but I'm pretty sure the hacker was on the survival that the server is now. I was on with 4 other peo...
ThatRedhead Lol it's actually currently decently fun XD
_WaffleMonster_ Retired Also, do you know who did it... _homefrog_? I mean, someone might have tried to frame him but there are constantly mess...