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Hey guys!

The team at have added a feature to PlotSquared, our plot management plugin that allows you to download your plots!

To download a plot, simply type "/p download" while standing in it. A link will be generated and you will be able to download it at the empcraft website.

Enjoy the new feature! :-)

Master_Fries When you IP banned my IP it deleted my plot only knowing this using my cousins IP not mine please unban my IP!!
Managoty Retired Wish they would have added this before I deleted my clocktower >
sloane! Wow! That's very cool actually!

Hey all!

We've just updated a range of plugins to their latest versions, fixing a few bugs or issues that you may have noticed, as well as adding a wide variety of new features! If you find any problems with the update, please tell us! for minor, non-game breaking bugs, please post in the Technical Support forum, or if the issue could be used to break the game or exploit our systems in any way, it's best to issue a private bug report at

Here are some of the new features you might find useful:

  • "/p deny {playername}" now prevents players from entering your plot - now you have a way to stop players from throwing potions at you or standing where you're trying to place blocks!

  • Dragon eggs will no longer teleport when right clicked - feel free to use them as much as you want without needing to surround them with barrier blocks!!

  • Plots can be merged! This is an old feature, but we want to see more people using it!! If you would like a larger plot, just ask Hellomynameis99 to set one up. :-)

  • The whole server should be a lot faster!

foxtroll111 how do u play on this server
ArcWraith Retired I feel proud to be the first to have a mega-plot. Unless there's been someone before me and it was deleted?
ShadowSteps77 .... as I leave mca.......this happens....

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