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Thanks to Azza007's hard work over the last couple of weeks, our update to 1.11 went very smoothly, with the servers only down for a few minutes each. If you notice any bugs or other issues, please report them and we'll try to get it fixed as soon as possible.

On Sunday we said farewell to our old Survival map and welcomed in the new 1.11 map with a bang! Above is the video I made on the day. Enjoy! :-)
Don't forget to take your items from "/chest" on survival.

There were a few new blocks implemented in Minecraft 1.11, so now is as good a time as any to jump onto our public build server and create your masterpiece submission plot to become a member of the MCAlagaesia Team! Of course, if you're still exploring the new survival world, don't forget that you can submit your survival creations to become a builder as well.

We're also thinking of running a build competition through December. If you're interested, please let us know here!

Padfoot2048 I'm gonna try to join over winter break if I'm not too busy with Overwatch. I really wanna finish the details...

Have you ever wanted to grief a server in creative mode with TNT with absolutely no consequences? That's right: You won't get banned, kicked, warned, muted, demoted, restricted, or jailed at all!

Before MCAlagaesia switches to 1.11, we're running a griefing event on the MCAlagaesia Survival Server to send off the old map and welcome in all the new 1.11 features. If you want to help blow up your builds (and maybe someone else's too!), all you have to do is join the MCAlagaesia Survival Server on Sunday the 27th of November at 10:00 AM (AEST time).

If timezones aren't your thing, visit the LIVE COUNTDOWN. This will show you exactly how many days, hours, minutes and seconds remain until we kick off the event.

Don't forget you can save your favourite items from the world reset by placing them in your safe chest using the command "/chest". You will be able to get these items back in the new world by running the command "/chest" again.

Let's get hyped for 1.11!

iBobacks The day where we become shadows and carters.
CaptainJinxy Retired Cant wait!
Shameful_Zebra Master RIP my town xD Well I guess this means I get to start a new end expedition! time to slay a dragon!!

On Monday the 14th of November Mojang released 1.11. Accordingly, we must decide on our own gameplan and release schedule, which is to be as follows:

Monday 14th

  • BungeeCord for 1.11 is released to the public and MCAlagaesia is updated.
  • Mojang releases Minecraft 1.11.

Tuesday 15th

  • MCAlagaesia executive staff start getting a list of plugins that may need to be updated ready.

Wednesday 16th

  • MCAlagaesia executive staff start testing 1.11 servers.

Saturday 19th | Sunday 20th

  • Spigot 1.11 is released to the public.
  • MCAlagaesia executive staff download all servers to start testing 1.11

Monday 21st | Friday 25th+

  • MCAlagaesia plugin test servers go online (non-joinable).

Subtract one day (more or less) if you’re American.

Spigot released 1.11 today. We have done some tests and there are a few plugins that have issues, see the list below.

Proxy: No errors

Build: Checked out 

LobbyChecked out 

MMOChecked out 

SurvivalChecked out with only 1 plugin error

We don't have a planned release date for the servers yet.

We will make another post once MCAlagaesia is 1.11 and is ready for the public.

Padfoot2048 I should get back on the server... I've been too busy with overwatch and Planetside 2 and like... college. Because...
aceoftigers Retired I'll try to be on some over Christmas when I'm in town.
ArcWraith Retired you're ahead of schedule.....hmm.....can I borrow your time machine, there's someone I need to murder.