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Staff statistics are recorded and released each month, however as we strive to be open with our community, we've decided to share them with you too.

Each month, we will release a staff newsletter outlining the statistics and any changes to the staff team.

Productivity statistics for this month are complete. To see the statistics, click here!

New Rank System - To see who moved up a rank at the end of February, and who might move up in March, click here!

Congratulations to TorchwoodRC, who took out top place for after placing 77,446 and destroying 31,195 blocks to reach an overall score of 108,641.

It was also TorchwoodRC who used their time online most effectively, placing and destroying these blocks in 32.61 hours to reach an efficiency score of 3332.

A huge welcome to aceoftigersTsukikoi and Yackidooh, congratulations on becoming part of the MCAlagaesia Team!

Welcome back to Chingom! It's good to see you back after these long months!

We're also happy to announce that no builders will retire this month due to the extensive rank restructuring.

Together, the team placed 235,376 blocks, destroyed 117,419 blocks and spent over 222.6 hours online.


Congratulations to TorchwoodRC, Kia_Wolf, Tortor1227, 120Ben, bakes32, NicFlix and Tsukikoi for qualifying for promotions! To see where these staff and the rest of the team rank, click here.

Du Weldenvarden

Du Weldenvarden, The Guarding Forest is a gigantic forest that spans across Northern Alagaesia.

The forest's size is largely due to the magic of the elves that inhabit it. Imbuding their voices with magic, the elves sing to the trees to grow them into any shape they desire - many elven cities are built this way.

The image above shows a river winding through the forest under a beautiful orange sky.

MCAlagaesia Hype!

We're going to be featuring a render from MCAlagaesia every week for the next 10 weeks. Check back every Friday for a new image!

These renders are perfect for desktop backgrounds. You can save the 1080p version of this render here.

120Ben Retired nice! I am using it!

The team start working on the town of Lithgow.

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Music -- Hellberg & Tobu - Sprinkles



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