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The Southern Isles

The Southern Isles are a chain of islands just south of Rathbar's Spur, the "tailbone" of the Spine.

Depicted above are the islands of Beirland, Illium, Uden and Parlim. The largest, Beirland, is home to the town of Eoam, a floating crystal can be found - another rare display of wild magic.

Getting to these islands can be tricky. Will you brave the treacherous waters of the Boar's Eye?

MCAlagaesia Hype!

We're going to be featuring a render from MCAlagaesia every week for the next 10 weeks. Check back every Friday for a new image!

iBobacks Looks good, master 99
LordBloodAxe Retired This render is epic!
Hotline_101 Grandmaster How will we create the Boars eye?

Staff statistics are recorded and released each month, however as we strive to be open with our community, we've decided to share them with you too.

Each month, we will release a staff newsletter outlining the statistics and any changes to the staff team.

Productivity statistics for this month are complete. To see the statistics, click here!

Congratulations to TorchwoodRC, who took out top place for after placing 45,182 and destroying 31,628 blocks to reach an overall score of 76,801 for the second month in a row!

It was also TorchwoodRC who used their time online most effectively, placing and destroying these blocks in 29.52 hours to reach an efficiency score of 2602.

A huge welcome to Masmotte, congratulations on becoming part of the build team! We're also very excited to welcome the first two members of the terraforming team, LordBloodAxe and _Spiritus! Congratulations to these three players for becoming part of the MCAlagaesia Team!

This month, we're sorry to see three great builders leave our ranks. Both LittleLamp and Morryatay were part of the team since the very early days. Yackidooh was only with us a short while, but brought an amazing new style to the team. Thank you for the fun times - you will be missed!

Together, the team placed 265,354 blocks, destroyed 166,926 blocks and spent over 383 hours online.

Congratulations to Chingom, Masmotte and Tsukikoi for qualifying for promotion! To see where these staff and the rest of the team rank, click here.

LordBloodAxe Retired Good work good sirs!
iBobacks Gosh.. I'm one of the only "Builders" now xD
TorchwoodRC Grandmaster 99 Bakes requested a massive pie chart with the total blocks placed

The team create the second iteration of Carvahall on the new map.

As with the Minecraft 1.8 update, there is currently no smooth camera mod available for us to film our cinematic-style timelapses.


Music -- Tobu & Marcus Mouya - Running Away


Marcus Mouya

cauldrons It's looking awesome! Can't wait to get on the build team and partake in this awesome project.