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Staff statistics are recorded and released each month, however as we strive to be open with our community, we've decided to share them with you too.

Each month, we will release a staff newsletter outlining the statistics and any changes to the staff team.

Productivity statistics for this month are complete. To see the statistics, click here!

Congratulations to Kia_Wolf, who took out top place for after placing 40,940 and destroying 5,668 blocks to reach an overall score of 46,608!

It was also Kia_Wolf who used their time online most effectively, placing and destroying these blocks in 24.7 hours to reach an efficiency score of 1887.

A huge welcome to Schubi9992 and Striga808, congratulations on becoming part of the build team! We're also very excited to welcome two new members of the terraforming team, Nikradical and Elyena! Congratulations to these four players for becoming part of the MCAlagaesia Team!

This month, we're sorry to say goodbye once again to Yackidooh, who voluntarily resigned due to a lack of time. Thanks for helping build MCAlagaesia - you will be missed!

No other members of staff retired due to statistical issues earlier in the month.

Together, the team placed 210,226 blocks, destroyed 85,538 blocks and spent over 367 hours online.

Congratulations to Kia_WolfMasmotteSchubi9992 and Striga808 for qualifying for promotion! To see where these staff and the rest of the team rank, click here.

NicFlix_ Retired Did the math... 6,000 blocks away from master.
Hotline_101 Grandmaster I feel as though I did very little this month. But eh, I needed the break.

The Central Plains

The central plains: Imagine being surrounded by mountains your entire life, and then walking out into this. Dotted throughout the plains are simple farming villages full of friendly folk.

MCAlagaesia Hype!

We hope you liked these renders as much as we do!

LordBloodAxe Retired This is a good render!

The Beor Mountains

The Beor Mountains are a mountain range in southeastern Alagaesia. The Beors are the tallest mountains in Alagaesia.

It may seem peaceful on the surface, but underground there are entire bustling cities of dwarves.

MCAlagaesia Hype!

We're going to be featuring a render from MCAlagaesia every week for the next 10 weeks. Check back every Friday for a new image!

ArcWraith Retired I just notice the no-snow go line. The constant line where there is no snow below that line
LordBloodAxe Retired This is one of the best renders I have seen here. Can someone put all of them in a folder and Post it on the forums?
Chingom Retired So beautiful omg <3