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Staff statistics are recorded and released each month, however as we strive to be open with our community, we've decided to share them with you too.

Each month, we will release a staff newsletter outlining the statistics and any changes to the staff team.

Productivity statistics for this month are complete. To see the statistics, click here!

Congratulations to TorchwoodRC, who took out top place for after placing 63,039 and destroying 22,665 blocks to reach an overall score of 85,704!

It was also TorchwoodRC who was the most efficient builder, placing and destroying these blocks in only 28.64 hours to reach an efficiency score of 2992.

No new members joined the team this month, however we are happy to announce that nobody left the team either. :-)

Together, the team placed 258,191 blocks, destroyed 123,159 blocks and spent over 253 hours online.

Congratulations to xRyanNitro for qualifying for promotion, and to TorchwoodRC and Hotline_101 for becoming the first ever Grandmaster builders! To see where these staff and the rest of the team rank, click here.

I currently do not have access to my main computer and therefore can't get a new image for the newsletter. As always, if you want to create a new one, please feel free! :-)

Here's to another epic month! :-)

DiceyPlays Gratz man
Chingom Retired Torch is on fire! Gratz man.
Managoty Retired Huge props to Torch. You alone placed about 1/4th of the blocks, very nice! Hope for a very successful month, makes me e...

Planet Minecraft has recently announced the final leaderboard for the Barbarians are Coming contest. The MCAlagaesia Team has tied in 19th place out of 72 entries! We think this is a huge accomplishment for our first team contest entry.

You can check out our entry here and take a look at the leaderboard here.

With the contest out of the way, we're looking forward to building even more of Alagaesia in Minecraft!

In other news, we have now made available the previous survival map. If you built a grand base and don't want to loose it, all you have to do it load up this save in Minecraft singleplayer.

Click here to download the Survival version 1.9 map (1.1GB)

Don't forget to say thank you to Azza for preparing the new server and making the old one available for download! :-)

Enjoy the new survival world. Remember that we're still looking for more talented builders to join our team, so why not head over to our public build server for a while to give it a shot! Remember that you can also submit your survival builds for review as well. Visit! :-)

Over the past few weeks, the MCAlagaesia team, lead by Chingom, have created an amazing fortress for the PMC contest "The Barbarians Are Coming!"

Judging for finalists starts today. Please visit our project and leave a diamond if you like it! Thanks for supporting us!

Good luck MCAlagaesia!

Hedarth is a dwarven trading post built where two great rivers, the Âz Ragni and the Edda meet. Though far from their mountain homes, many dwarves come here to trade with the elves from the north, making Hedarth a bustling town of colour and character.

Enjoy this awesome cinematic! :-)

Illuminate by Vindsvept

Rushbubble by Aaron Spencer
Licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (

Hellomynameis99 Project Lead Chingom We've made the top 50 submissions!
iBobacks Never knew about this
Chingom Retired Thank you all for the support, do as Arc said <3 Also awesome cinematic on herdath! Can't wait to see what ...