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The MCAlagaesia team return to Gil'ead, with a fresh new style!

The team collectively decided to restart construction on a couple of cities, and Gil'ead is one of them! Enjoy this fresh, new style!


Neon by Itro & Cediv

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Hotline_101 Grandmaster I really love that new style, reminds me of Dale from the Hobbit! It really feels more Gil'ead-ish.

Melian is a minor town in southern Alagaesia. The people here are a simple farming folk with a love of animals and their nearby forest. Perhaps they would get along well with the elves.

Enjoy this awesome cinematic! :-)


Music by Approaching Nirvana
Song: Breakfast at Cheetahs [Cinematic Soundscapes, Vol. 2]
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ArcWraith Retired usually when a Horse is in the stable/paddock and aren't in use they have their saddles removed. Saddles are uncomf...

Daret is a farming village west of the great Ninor River. The folk of Daret could once be seen tending their gardens and flocks or trading in market stalls, however, more recently they have become wary of newcomers as the Urgals draw closer...

Enjoy this awesome cinematic! :-)

Two Sides by Tobu & Axero