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Each month, we will release a staff newsletter outlining the statistics and any changes to the staff team.

Productivity statistics for this month are complete. To see the statistics, click here!

Congratulations to barrel72, who took out top place for after placing 58,679 and destroying 30,760 blocks to reach an overall score of 89,439!

Congratulations to TorchwoodRC who was the most efficient builder, placing and destroying 15,921 blocks in under 5 hours to reach an efficiency score of 3,461.

A huge welcome to _DeltaWolf_, MC_Wizard103, Laufin and Soul_Games. Congratulations to these four players for becoming part of the MCAlagaesia Team!

We're also very happy to announce that no members of the team retired this month.

Together, the team placed 189,588 blocks, destroyed 95,687 blocks and spent almost 270 hours online.

Congratulations to the following staff members for qualifying for promotion:

  • barrel72
  • bakes32
  • _DeltaWolf_
  • MC_Wizard103
  • Laufin
  • Soul_Games

To see where these staff and the rest of the team rank, click here.

Staff team render created by NicFlix_. As always, if you want to create a new one, please feel free! :-)

Here's to another epic month! :-)

DaDeesta17 Retired Wow barrel! You've been busy! Btw, Why am I not on the score board thingy? Am I that inactive???
Ouiii Congrats barrel72, bakes32, MC_Wizard103, Laufin, Soul_Games!!

Ceunon is a city built along the North Sea near the border of Du Weldenvarden. The city is very unique, with buildings constructed primarily of wood with steep roofs.

Ceunon was designed by MCAlagaesia Artisan Bacon_Nation and built with the help of the rest of the MCAlagaesia team.


Sprinkles by Hellberg & Tobu



Managoty Retired Looks very nice

The MCAlagaesia Team build the new Dras-Leona inner wall as a part of the all-new design by Hotline_101.


Ross Bugden - Pirate Crew

TheNecromancer13 Retired WE HAVE TO BUILD A WALL!