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"Another year gone!" Dumbledore said cheerfully. "And I must trouble you with an old man's wheezing waffle before we sink our teeth into our delicious feast."

Ok, we may have lied on the invitations. There isn't really a feast. And if there was, it certainly wouldn't be delicious. You can #BlameAzza's cooking. :-)

It's the 30th of September once again! This time last year was our first birthday, so if I'm doing this right, today we are celebrating our second!
(If anyone brought a calculator, please check my maths on that one.)

As a birthday present to you all, we have confirmed another year of hosting for all our servers, including the survival server, which was even more popular than we expected!

I want to thank the amazing MCAlagaesia building and terraforming teams! This year was a good one, and we broke many milestones. You have churned out spectacular build after build, and you've made this map something greater than I could ever have hoped to achieve.

A special thanks to the executive team for keeping the servers running, helping manage the community, and putting out the fires in the server room. That last one was close, thanks guys!

Finally, I must thank you, the community. Oh, this is the "thank-the-guests-for-attending" cliche. Well, it's true. Without you, MCAlagaesia wouldn't be what it is. After all, we're making this game for you. Thank you for helping us grow to what we are today. I am sincere when I say this would not be possible without you.

Thanks for being a part of MCAlagaesia! Here's to another fantastic year!



Baby Nyvarell by Kia_Wolf!

Netherhero00 Happy Birthday MCAlagaesia IM backkkkk
LordBloodAxe Retired Happy birthday! 2 years old! I hope the build is done by the next! I found the server via chingom near my birthday and ...
Hotline_101 Grandmaster Anyways, happy birthday MCA. We're three to four years in and nearing 75% completion! Let's hope we can finish...

The MCAlagaesia Team continue working on the Elven capital, Ellesmera.


Adventure by JJD [NCS Release]


Managoty Retired Wooo! Ellesmera!!!!!

This is Nyvarell (NIH-vah-rell), MCAlagaesia's beautiful dragon mascot! She was drawn by our very own Master Builder Kia_Wolf.

Nyvarell will appear at the top of every page along with the original MCAlagaesia text logo, and eventually, be featured on MCAlagaesia apparel available in the shop!

Padfoot2048 Can't wait to get a shirt with one on it!
TorchwoodRC Grandmaster Nice work Kia, very skilled :)
Padfoot2048 Awesome!