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We're trialing a new premium resource from Konsolas. As the release of MCAlagaesia draws closer, we need to look at our features and start checking items off the list. One of the big ones is an Anti Cheat system.

Because MCAlagaesia is a huge MMO/RPG style gamemode with elements of PvP, dungeons, looting and secret locations, hacked clients will give people an unfair advantage.

We want to start trialing this Anti-Cheat system now rather than when we release the game to hone the specifications to our network and reduce false positives. This is a $35 premium resource used by most large networks with frequent updates to patch the latest hacks and ensure your experience is as smooth as possible.

There are going to be some false positives while we learn the "ins and outs" of this system, so please bear with us. If you encounter an issue you believe is anti-cheat related, please elt us know by submitting a thread in the Technical Support forum.

Enjoy this video and see what protection you're getting!

Aberon is the capital city of the free country, Surda. It is highly defended, sitting on a bluff with three concentric walls.


A Tavern for the Night - Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream

Plugin will become live at next restart.

Plugin is now active

Heya, all!

Our main bungee plugin (bungeeMSG) got an "update" the other day, as this required a lot of re-coding there might be a few bugs here and there. As we are testing this plugin for the developer (the plugin hasn't been released to the public yet) we would like to ask if you can report any bugs you find to us so we can report them to the developer. A number of you won't know what this plugin does, this plugin allows you to message across servers. It also handles our announcements now. The server plugin Spigot Bridge also got an update, this plugin allows messages to display your rank in private messages if you find this is not working please report it :-)

To Staff:

If you guys find a bug with the staff chat, same story, report it to us :-)

How do you report a bug?

Please use the Technical Support thread.

How do I format my report?

For us to get as much information as possible please use the format below. 

Server name:
Command (s) used:
Error messages (if any):
Time of error (if possible):

_Teglik_ Terraformer Oh! I Like this idea with messeges across the servers :)