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Hey all! :-)

Plot reviews themselves take on average about half an hour each, as I always try to find something nice to say about every submission (and yes, sometimes this takes a lot longer for the lower quality plots! :P )

While reviewing plots is the only way we get new builders, it's actually surprisingly low on my list of things to do right now. Here's why:

Managing MCAlagaesia takes a lot of time. For example, just now I spent an hour on the survival server with Azza looking into some griefing and stealing reports. Every month I spend an hour or so running the statistics. I'm talking with a number of developers over Skype to help create the MCAlagaesia server features - that sometimes takes up hours of a day.

I also need to reply scathingly to ban appeals every now and then, but that's more of a hobby than a job. :-)

Back in the real world, I also have a job to support both myself and the entire network, and I'm also working on an engineering R&D project with Azza007, TARDIScrew, HyperElectron and Sherlockshovel, which eats up a huge chunk of time out of every weekday.

Once all this adds up, I'm in a real tight spot for time right now.

Anyway, don't worry: I will be reviewing your plot eventually. Remember that anyone is allowed to review plots (whoa, really?), so if you see anyone else online, you can ask them for a review. A good review from another player increases your chances of becoming a member of the team greatly!

If you enjoy reviewing plots, please feel free to do so! It really helps me out, because if you say something in a plot review, I don't have to.

DaDeesta17 Retired Don't rush yourself 99! Just take your time, and don't get stressed. We can wait! :d
Hellomynameis99 Project Lead Another plot reviewed. 2 more to go until I catch up! I'm also working on a few new MCAlagaesia videos in between ...
Hellomynameis99 Project Lead 2 more plot reviews done. I had planned to get through them all, but they took longer than I expected, about 1 and a hal...

"I've already got a phone, Skype, TeamSpeak, Curse, Mumble and Steam... Why do I need another voice application?"

If I'm truly honest, I've given up resisting every new voice application someone throws at me. Because of this, I've been able to test them all.

Mumble and TeamSpeak look outdated and can be expensive. Steam and Skype are better for personal uses. Nobody uses Curse. That leaves Discord.

If you, like me, need some convincing to download yet another voice application, take a look at Discord's features! Personally, I like the fact that it's free. :-)

When you're ready to join us, click here. You can always join the Discord via the live chat as well - click the speech bubble at the top of the page.

Both Azza and I will be reasonably active in Discord. If you ever see us online, don't hesitate to jump on and have a chat!

Padfoot2048 Is there a way to subscribe so I get an email every time the homepage gets a new post? I clicked the "Subsribe...
TorchwoodRC Grandmaster Nice, should be better than skype...
Managoty Retired I probably be on the MCA discord whenever I'm on MCA so if you want to come and chat feel free to come online.... o...

Kirtan is an elven city situated just south of Ellesmera. Here, the elves have sung the trees into giant tents where they can watch over their farms. Over the centuries, giant mushrooms have grown around Kirtan with the help of the elves' magic.


The Forest Of Wolves - Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream