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We've organised a Dragon Building Contest!

All submissions have a chance to be featured in the brand new MCAlagaesia Lobby, currently being built by TorchwoodRC and Bakes32!

1st Prize - 3,000 Store Tokens ($30 USD)
2nd Prize - 2,000 Store Tokens ($20 USD)
3rd Prize - 1,000 Store Tokens ($10 USD)

Dates and Stuff

The contest will run for 45 days, from the 15th of March to the 29th of April. All submissions must be submitted by then. Voting for the best build will commence on the 30th of April and continue to the 7th of May. Winners will be announced on the 8th of May!

We'll put a countdown on the site so you don't have to worry about timezones.

How to Enter

To enter, all you have to do is create a dragon on the MCAlagaesia public build server. If you want a megaplot, just ask in the comments section below.

You'll need to submit the plot the normal way on the "Public Build & Build Submissions" Forum. The title of the thread must be "Dragon Build Contest - (your plot ID)" or we might accidentally skip it.

It's a good idea to add photos of your plot, as adding good photos may earn more votes from people who are just a bit too lazy to get on the server and check it out. :-)

How Voting will Work

We're allowing the whole community to vote on their favourite dragons. Be careful what submission you vote for as you can't change your vote once it has been cast!.


See the prizes at the top of the post - they look awesome, right? That's because they are! To see what you can get with store tokens, visit the "Support Us" page.

In the event that a submission built by multiple players wins a prize, the prize will be split between the players.

All quality entries will be featured in the new MCAlagaesia Lobby, which is currently being built by TorchwoodRC and Bakes32! The creators of each featured build will also receive a fancy award.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Padfoot2048 I've never built a dragon before and I'll probably suck... but i'm gonna go for last place :d I looked a...
D3athReap3r I don't think So She might have some competition
Managoty Retired And first places goes to Kia XD

Statistics Spreadsheet for February 2017

Statistics Spreadsheet and Ranks for All Time!

This month, there were no new staff. This was partially my fault, as I was quite busy and didn't get around to many plot reviews.

We were sad to say goodbye to TheNecromancer13ArcWraithChingom and _DeltaWolf_. Thanks for all your help! You will be missed!

Congratulations to Time_Melon, YSTee, bocbin, NicTheFifth and GNOMIS, who qualified for promotions! Click here to see where you rank.

Time_Melon won the Builder of the Month award for a second time in a row for placing the most blocks.

NicTheFifth won the Terraformer of the Month award for his continued work on and completion of the desert plateaus.

I didn't do a Moderator of the Month because basically nothing happened. We're still looking to expand our moderation team. All you have to do is be an active member of the forums and play on the servers regularly, as well as follow all the rules, and be a welcoming and helpful member of the community!

Staff team render created by NicFlix_. As always, if you want to create a new one, please feel free! :-)

Padfoot2048 So many people leaving :'( I'm gonna finish my plot submission ASAP and then wait a year for it to get review...
LordBloodAxe Retired Noooooooo not ching! Nooooooo!
Hotline_101 Grandmaster Well, we finally got rid of ArcWraith. :p

Petrovya is a city in Surda. Its northern location makes it an ideal location to smuggle supplies across the border for the Varden.


The Heroes' Return - Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream

bocbin Retired Niiiice
Padfoot2048 Beautiful cinematic!
Hotline_101 Grandmaster That was fast. :)