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With the Dragon Building Contest running through March and April and finishing in May, the prime newsletter spot was taken up with that news and I had to keep the staff newsletters under wraps until it was over.

Now, however, I can share what we've been doing for the past 3 months!

The team as a whole placed somewhere in the vicinity of 300,000 blocks, which is an amazing achievement. This effort propelled the project to just about 77% completion. This prompted Grandmaster builder TorchwoodRC to write up a "2017 Project Goals" thread, which, if we can stick to it, promises to have MCAlagaesia complete before the end of the year.

In other news, I have started talks with a new developer about getting some features off the ground. We're focusing on one of the biggest features at the moment: Magic.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the month by month breakdown!


The team spent 200 collective hours online and placed almost 70,000 blocks!

The Terraformer of the Month award went to Shameful_Zebra and the Builder of the Month award went to YSTee. Congratulations!


Unfortunately, Enjin removed the statistics tracking feature from their Minecraft plugin halfway through the month, so we actually have no statistics for April. We were able to approximate the number of blocks placed by averaging March and May - this should be a pretty accurate estimate.

There's not much else to say here, except that NicTheFifth won the Terraformer of the Month award for starting the MCAlagaesia Rivers Project, a huge undertaking that aims to make all rivers (and maybe eventually lakes) in MCAlagaesia more realistic.


I managed to find a new statistics system before May started.

Once again, the team spent 200 hours online, but this time we placed 140,000 blocks, double the amount placed in March! Clearly, we're getting more efficient.

The Builder of the Month award went to TorchwoodRC for placing almost 60,000 blocks and the Terraformer of the Month award went to JackAmes0 for his work on the MCAlagaesia River Project. Congratulations!

Staff Changes

There were a number of staff changes over the past 3 months. We're extremely happy to have RyanDerpington and fredo747 back on the team, and we're excited to welcome two new terraformers, Chimzu and D3athReap3r. Congratulations everyone!

Sadly we did also say goodbye to GNOMIS and JamesH - thanks for all your help! You will be missed!


Click here to view the spreadsheet for March

Click here to view the spreadsheet for May

If you're interested, here's how many blocks each builder has placed since records began.

Here's to another epic month!

Staff team render created by NicFlix_. This one's getting a little outdated with all the new staff changes, so as always, if you want to create a new one and see your work on the next post, please feel free! :-)

Hotline_101 Grandmaster Also, JamesH did absolutely nothing. XD
Hotline_101 Grandmaster So close, and yet so far...

The time has come to announce the winners of the Dragon Building Contest!

1st Prize - 3,000 Store Tokens ($30 USD) - Kia_Wolf
2nd Prize - 2,000 Store Tokens ($20 USD) - D3athReap3r
3rd Prize - 1,000 Store Tokens ($10 USD) - TorchwoodRC

All the submissions were amazing, and TorchwoodRC is going to feature all of them in the new MCAlagaesia lobby! Keep your eye out for them, they'll be appearing around the lobby island over the next few weeks.

Congratulations to these three winners, and a big thanks to everyone for submitting! This has been our most popular contest to date, with 6 submissions and 70 votes.

Ouiii Well done everyone!
TorchwoodRC Grandmaster Nice work D3athReap3r and Kia_Wolf
Hotline_101 Grandmaster Pretty much the results I anticipated. :p