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Nadindel, an Elven settlement hidden deep within Du Weldenvarden.

It's one of the most isolated Elven cities and is extremely sheltered, being almost invisible from above.

Conqueror Of The Sky - Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream

All Systems Go - After almost 4 days of Network-wide downtime, we're finally back!

To celebrate, you can claim a 500 store token ($5) reward in the MCAlagaesia Lobby. Hurry, we're only offering this for the next 24 hours.

Hotline_101 Grandmaster What will tokens eventually be used for again?
fredo747 Master Who is that good looking fellow?


As you all know by now, 1.12 has been released and a lot of you are probably wondering when MCAlagaesia will see this new update. While 99 is busy with some other upcoming things (new websites and dedicated servers!) I'll be working hard on getting 1.12 ready. To keep you all in the loop, here is our checklist for 1.12.

Spigot server list:

  • Waiting for 1.12 to be released []
  • Waiting for 1.12 Spigot to be released []
  • Waiting for all server plugins to update to 1.12 (30 out of 30) []
  • Setting up local server for bug testing []
  • Backing up all servers before 1.12 []
  • Updating all plugins on servers []
  • Updating Spigot []
  • Updating MySQL Databases []
  • Re-render Dynmap for all servers []

Bungee list:

  • Waiting for 1.12 Bungee to be released []
  • Backing up all Bungee files []
  • Re-building Bungee config []
  • Updating all Bungee plugins []
  • Setting up local Bungee server for bug testing []
  • Uploading Bungee []
  • Update MySQL Database []
  • Linking all servers with Bungee []
  • Whitelisting for Network Testing []

Update: As you can see I beat out goal the servers are now online, please report any bugs you may find. We are running development builds of plugins - Same with 1.12 Spigot.

As you can see I have a lot of work to do so I appreciate your patience and cooperation. I will continue to update this post as I go. My ETA on this update is at the very max Monday the 19th of June If all goes well.

Hellomynameis99 Project Lead Nice checklist! Hopefully this shows everyone how much work is involved with updating a server. Players: It took me 2 c...
Hotline_101 Grandmaster Sheeesh, Monday the 19th is at least a week away. Well, do what you must to get it all working. That gives me more time ...
TorchwoodRC Grandmaster Nice work Azza, hopefully all goes well :)