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Over the course of November, the team placed 21,763 blocks and destroyed 20,625 blocks and spent a combined spent a combined 117 hours online.

Builder of the month goes to _DefJam_, placing 11,040 blocks in November.

Terraformer of the month goes to Shameful_Zebra for work on the Gardens of Silthrim.

Awesome work everyone!

Staff Changes

We're sad to say goodbye to Chingom once again. Thanks for your help!

If you want to help us finish the project, don't forget to jump on the public build server and submit your application plot!


Click here to view the spreadsheet for November

If you're interested, here's how many blocks each builder has placed since records began.

Staff team render created by NicFlix_. This one's getting a little outdated with all the new staff changes, so as always, if you want to create a new one and see your work on the next post, please feel free! :-)

The MCAlagaesia Network is back online and ready for action!

Whether you're applying for staff on the Creative server, hanging out on the Survival server or building the fantastic world of Alagaesia on the MMO, now's a great time to load up Minecraft and have some fun.

If you're wondering why the network was taken offline, continue reading the old post below.

Greetings all!

There's a bit of unplanned downtime today. I'm sure you have many questions, however with my powers of foresight I have preemptively answered the most common!

Q. What are you doing?

A. Do you want the technical explanation or the simple explanation?

Q. Simple, I don't have time for this.

A. We're getting ready for release.

Q. Technical, I'll pretend I understand.

A. We're converting the MCAlagaesia VM from thick provisioning to thin provisioning in order to free up space on our existing hardware to allow for the creation of new VMs to serve as our MySQL server, authentication server, webserver, proxy and Minecraft servers.

Q. Is MCAlagaesia finished?

A. I see you've misunderstood "getting ready for release". No, we're not done, and we're still working hard on the map and game features. "Getting ready for release" means that we're preparing our server and network infrastructure for the MMORPG.

Q. When will it be done?

A. It's done now.

We're getting the new VM ready to start, and MCAlagaesia will be back online today.

Q. Your powers of foresight didn't answer my question, you're a fraud!

A. Please post your question below and I'll magically answer it. How's that for powers?

Q. You shouldn't throw water on a server.

A. That's not a question.

It's finally here! MCAlagaesia has updated to Minecraft 1.13.

You should now use the latest Minecraft 1.13 client to join.

If you encounter any bugs or experience any issues, please let us know by posting a thread in the Technical Support Forum.


As you all know by now, 1.13 has been released and a lot of you are probably wondering when MCAlagaesia will see this new update. While we're busy with some other upcoming things (new dedicated server!) we will also be working hard on getting 1.13 ready.

We are aware 1.13 is out and we are working hard to update as soon as possible, however, there are a few things that can delay us that are out of our control. I can't provide a valid ETA of when we are going to update, but at a minimum it will be a month.

To keep you all in the loop, here is our checklist for 1.13.

Spigot server list:

  • Waiting for 1.13 to be released []
  • Waiting for a stable 1.13.x client to be released []
  • Waiting for 1.13 Spigot to be released []
  • Waiting for all server plugins to update to 1.13 (0 out of 38) []
  • Find alternatives to plugins that developers have dropped support for []
  • Setting up local server for bug testing []
  • Backing up all servers before 1.13 []
  • Updating all plugins on servers []
  • Updating Spigot to 1.13 []
  • Running world conversion []
  • Updating MySQL Databases [O]
  • Re-render Dynmap for all servers [O]

Bungee list:

  • Waiting for 1.13 Bungee to be released []
  • Backing up all Bungee files []
  • Re-building Bungee config [O]
  • Updating all Bungee plugins [O]
  • Setting up local Bungee server for bug testing []
  • Uploading Bungee []
  • Update MySQL Database []
  • Linking all servers with Bungee []


  • Network Testing []
  • Remove testing whitelist []

As you can see we have a lot of work to do so I appreciate your patience and cooperation. We will continue to update this post as we go.

We believe that the new dedicated server will be ready for production long before 1.13 is ready, so we may move the network over to the new server at this time. We've already moved to the new dedicated server.

Hellomynameis99 Project Lead The new client 1.13.1 released by Mojang still has Vanilla world conversion issues concerning chests on chunk boundaries...