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With the entire executive staff team away for just about half of July, progress was a little bit slower than usual. Nonetheless, the team as a whole placed 52,334 blocks!

This means we're still behind on the 2017 Project Goals. However, we're still hopeful for a 2017 release if we can pick up the pace. If you want to help out, feel free to submit a plot for review. If we love it, we'll offer you a position on the team!

The Builder of the Month award went to YSTee for building Ellesmera and placing 14,847 blocks!

The Terraformer of the Month award went to Chimzu. Awesome work everyone!

Staff Changes

We're happy to announce our newest builder, Mythical_Oktopus03! Congratulations!

Sadly we said goodbye to three excellent builders, MC_Wizard103, SchericT and aceoftigers. You will be missed!


Click here to view the spreadsheet for July

If you're interested, here's how many blocks each builder has placed since records began.

Here's to another month!

Staff team render created by NicFlix_. This one's getting a little outdated with all the new staff changes, so as always, if you want to create a new one and see your work on the next post, please feel free! :-)