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Over the next few months, I'm going to be setting up a new dedicated server network and move MCAlagaesia away from shared hosting. This is in preparation for the release of the final game, happening some time... uh... soon.

During this process I'm going to be rebuilding the MCAlagaesia server-side systems from scratch, to hopefully remove any long-standing bugs, improve performance, and most importantly, take any new suggestions you have into consideration.

I'll be working on this in parallel with MCAlagaesia, meaning anything that happens on the current servers will be moved over when the time comes to upgrade.

So, please comment below and let me know what features you've been dying for since we started MCAlagaesia.

Please note, this is not the place to suggest features for the MMO server - we're already working on that stuff. I'm looking for suggestions like:
- WorldEdit for all players on the Build Server
- A new survival server or factions server
- Redo the ranks systems
- Add a cool new plugin for the build server or Skyblock server

Please suggest your own ideas or expand on the examples I listed above.