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It was a busy period with a lot of staff absences due to personal life, however we still managed to place a staggering 45,828 blocks!

The Builder of the Month award went to Bakes32 for completing the city of Lithgow and placing 17,847 blocks!

The Terraformer of the Month award went to Shameful_Zebra for the highest activity and blocks placed. Awesome work everyone!

Staff Changes

We're happy to announce our newest builder, Arikage! Congratulations and welcome to the team!


Click here to view the spreadsheet for August

If you're interested, here's how many blocks each builder has placed since records began.

Here's to another even better month!

Staff team render created by NicFlix_. This one's getting a little outdated with all the new staff changes, so as always, if you want to create a new one and see your work on the next post, please feel free! :-)