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Happy 3rd Birthday, MCAlagaesia! The MCAlagaesia Network has been moved successfully to the new dedicated server. Over the past couple of days, Azza and I have been tweaking and optimising your Minecraft experience and working hard on the new Survival gamemode.

We took this opportunity to completely redo the permissions system, providing a set of ranks for our Terraforming Team to strive for as well as beginning to implement premium ranks for our supporters. The increased server power at our disposal has also allowed us to give all players (not just staff) access to WorldEdit on the Public Build Server!

This change was planned for a long time, and I've been working on redesigning MCAlagaesia's backend for over a month now. Because many of the reconfigurations are largely untested, there are going to be some (hopefully) minor bugs here and there. So, if you notice anything, please let us know by posting a technical support thread. If the issue is majorly game-breaking, or could be used to exploit and grief, please use the private technical support form.

Have fun on the new server!