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We've recently been discussing the idea of sharing our extra dedicated server resources with the community to support your ideas. Currently, every server we add to the network creates additional daily work for us. Azza and I don't have infinite time, so we're handing off the server creation process to the community.

If you and a group of friends have a unique, creative idea for a Minecraft server game mode, we'd love to discuss it with you to see if we can take our partner program anywhere. To take the first steps, fill out the partner program application.

We will evaluate every application we receive and ask the community which projects they would like us to support.

The partner program is designed to bring more players to the MCAlagaesia network as a whole, including your server. Your server gets access to free resources, forum system and an established player base of almost 3000 unique players.

The program is open to anyone who is a part of the community. You have to build the map, configure the plugins and advertise, but you get all the perks of a fully established server. You will be using our custom install of the Multicraft panel to make managing your server as easy as possible.


  • Staff and Premium ranks are synced network-wide. You may choose to implement premium or staff perks on your server, as long as they follow the Minecraft EULA.
  • The server remains on the MCAlagaesia Network and can only be connected to via the MCAlagaesia Network.
  • You will have complete access to your server and server files. The MCAlagaesia Executive Staff will also have access to assist in network connection and monitor fair usage.
  • The arrangement should be beneficial to all parties and may be downsized or cut if a server fails its goals.

We look forward to seeing what ideas you can come up with!