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October was the biggest month yet in MCAlagaesia history!

Ok, I might be slightly exaggerating there. Due to upcoming exams for some staff members and the new factions server providing a distraction, work fell a bit behind on the MMO server. Overall, the team placed a combined 20,361 blocks.

The Builder of the Month award went to Bacon_Nation for placing 11,815 blocks while working on Aroughs.

The Terraformer of the Month award went to NicTheFifth for continued work on the River Improvement Project. Awesome work everyone!

Staff Changes

While there were no new staff members this month, there were no retirements either, which is always cause for celebration.


Click here to view the spreadsheet for October

If you're interested, here's how many blocks each builder has placed since records began.

Next month might be another slow one due to continued exams and other commitments, however the executive team are excited to return to extremely active development in late November onwards.

Staff team render created by NicFlix_. This one's getting a little outdated with all the new staff changes, so as always, if you want to create a new one and see your work on the next post, please feel free! :-)